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The Recruitment Process at Protential

Potential Group recruitment process is to implement in full or in part, depending on new or existing Client, the following recruitment process.

Once we receive and accept a booking, it will go to the sector and person or persons responsible, to work on. Terms and conditions to be agreed, up front with the client and sent out to them to be signed and returned.

Assess and accepting a booking.

Before accepting a booking, it is important to assess it to determine if it is fillable. Look out for the following:

  • What are the rates of pay/salary?
  • Is the budget in place?
  • Does the customer have realistic expectations?
  • What is the lead time to fill position?
  • Is this an existing or a new role, do they have a job specification?
  • Will the client assist with or provide accommodation?

In the assessment we will guide the client as to what is realistic for them in the recruitment process regarding the above, if accepted, we will begin the process. Inform the client about the current market for hiring, it is fast moving and a candidates’ market, when presented with suitable candidates, the decision-making process needs to be swift. 

All appropriate recruitment tools, platforms and promotions will be activated in order to attract and identifying suitable candidates for the role. They will include the following:


Prepare the advertisement for the recruitment campaign.

Where to advertising the role.

Advertise in relevant locations and platforms.

Advertise the roles in different Countries and in different languages.

Place on relevant platforms in selected Countries.

Send out notifications to relevant candidate on the database.

Post on Protential Website.

Share on LinkedIn.

Targeted recruitment campaigns.


When we receive applications, we screen them.

Assessing the candidate

  • Assess their capacity to do the job in question their right to work in Ireland, skills level, education, qualifications, relevant tickets, relevant experience, their knowledge.
  • Find out what is not on their CV. This is achieved through skilful interviewing techniques.
  • Why they want to move from their existing position. 
  • What is their motivation for wanting this particular position.
  • Their location in relation to the work location.
  • Do they have accommodation.
  • Their rate of pay/salary expectation is it in line with the position on offer.
  • Will they fit the culture in the client company.

When we select a candidate for a client, this represents Protential Group’s ability to provide them with relevant candidates. 

For some clients, references (Minimum of two) will be checked prior to submitting candidates, otherwise, references will be checked on request from the client after they interview.

Set the date and time for interview, confirm with the client and candidate by email.

After the client/candidate interview takes place, follow up with the client and the candidate for feedback. 

Clients like to interview a number of candidates for comparison. 

When we receive a candidate offer inform them immediately, there may be some negotiations regarding rates of pay/salary and we may have to broker that, generally the money is not a major issue when the right people are in place.

Be sure to find out how much notice the candidate needs to give their current employer, with this we can agree their start date and let the client know.

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