Our Services

At Protential Immigration we specialise in Work Permit Applications, Entry Visas and Visa Renewals, Employee Onboarding, Family Reunification, Immigration Stamps and Relocation Packages.

We also assist with Citizenship by Naturalisation, Irish Passport Application and Document Translation all languages.

Our Immigration expertise provide practical assistance and support to:

  • Employers who wish to recruit and onboard Non-EEA Nationals to work in Ireland. 
  • Companies who wish to avail of Intra- Company transfers and Contracts for service with Non-EEA Nationals.
  • Individuals who are seeking to establish legal statues in Ireland or who need clarification on their status in Ireland currently.

Working closely with you Protential Immigration Services will ensure your status in Ireland is fully compliant and documented.

Our services range from Critical Skills, General Employment Permit and Visa Applications to Relocation and Long-Term Residency.

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Employment Permit Applications

Our expert team will assist you to identify the type of Work Permit most suitable for your situation and complete the paperwork involved. We have the experience and a successful track record in obtaining work Permits.

Relocation & Onboarding Package

Once you have received your Letter of Offer as confirmation, the onboarding process can begin. The Protential Immigration team will begin the transition process. Your relocation to Ireland or the UK will be smooth and incident free.

Visa Applications

Our expert team will assist you to identify the type of Visa, most suitable for your situation and will prepare, steer you through and verify the application process. We have the experience and a successful track record in obtaining Visas. 

Employment Permit & Visa Renewals

There are various permissions granted, depending on the duration of your employment and your employment type. Protential Immigration will assist you in remaining compliant by renewing your Work Permit and Visa Permissions on time.

Student Visas

The Student visa allows non-EEA nationals to come to Ireland to pursue a full-time course of study for over 3 months. Applicants must meet financial and academic requirements.

Tourist Visas

The Tourist Visa allows visitors to come to Ireland for tourism, visiting family/friends, getting married, receiving medical treatment, or short-term study for up to 90 days.

Relocation Packages

Family Reunification Visas are a specialised immigration service that allows eligible individuals to bring their immediate family members.

Family Reunification Visas

The Family Reunification visa allows family members of persons legally residing in Ireland to join them in the country. Eligibility depends on the status of the person already in Ireland.

Document Translation in any Language

With employees and offices worldwide, including Poland, Brazil, Latin America, Romania, Philippines and more, Protential Group has multilingual experts available to provide professional…