March 2023, Rev. 2

At Protential Group, we are committed to sustainable development and our objective is to deliver all projects without negatively affecting the natural environment. We work closely with our employees, field staff, clients, and suppliers to deliver on this. 

There are four aspects to our approach to sustainability, which are inter-linked and interdependent:

  • Sustainability and our people
  • Social sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Economic sustainability

Sustainability and our people

Collaborating with our people, clients, and our suppliers we seek to ensure that our policies and procedures are prepared to the highest standards in relation to sustainability and environmental impact. Through onboarding, mentoring, training IT Systems, our people build confidence and sustainability to perform at the standards required. 

Social Sustainability

We are committed to making a positive impact in every project and community in which we work. Through our engagement with clients and project stakeholders we work hard to understand their needs to ensure that they benefit from our people. We ensure that due diligence is conducted on our workforce so that we deliver the standard of service our clients require. 

 Within our organisation we strongly promote health, wellbeing, and mental health with awareness initiatives and supports. We also continually strive to improve the work – life balance of our workforce.


 Our environmental approach includes a range of measures including reduced energy, water, and paper usage. Sourcing sustainable products and materials with recycling and reuse in mind. Minimisation of waste generation and packaging and diversion from landfill, will minimise our natural resource requirement.


As a long standing economically viable company, Protential Group provides security to a significant permanent workforce and through prompt payment of our staff, field service operatives and suppliers we support the economic sustainability of all our stakeholders. We take a wide-ranging approach to the sustainability of our business and see the protection of the environment as critical and central to everything we do.