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The Agri and Agri Food Industries, The Current Employment Market, and the Problems it Faces

The journey of recruitment throughout Europe brought us to places like Budapest, Warsaw, Riga, Tallin and Bucharest scoping out the potential to recruit people for the Irish jobs market in 1998. It has been an exciting journey, experiencing Eastern and Central European countries growing and developing through membership of the European Union.

With EU funding and foreign direct investment, infrastructures have improved, and indigenous jobs are available, however, our recruitment journey has gradually come to a halt. The pool of people we were accessing was no longer available.

With labour shortages across mainland Europe the workforce from Eastern and Central regions relocated to neighboring countries for work where language and travel was more convenient than those travelling to Ireland and the UK.

Ireland has also lost a considerable slice of its workforce throughout the pandemic, no one has done a headcount, it’s impossible to, but every company we ask, tell us of those employees who have not returned to Ireland for reasons of work opportunities in their home country, family, better opportunities in other European countries and of course the cost of living in Ireland along with the availability of accommodation. 

The situation in Ukraine shines a light on a reservoir of untapped potential, as many capable individuals find themselves in a unique position compared to their counterparts in other European nations. This scenario opens the door to thoughtful discussions about future pathways and the possibilities that lie within the community. With the implementation of supportive structures and processes, there’s an exciting opportunity to channel this potential towards meaningful contributions and positive developments.

One of the incredibly positive features of the Irish economy is the performance of the labour market with only 4.1% unemployment. There has been an increase of 72,400 new jobs each year since Q4 of 2019 and this trend is set to continue, all be it, at a slightly lower rate. At the same time, unemployment rates across the EU are 5.9% overall and even lower in Eastern and Central European countries at 3 – 3.9%. These countries have been Irelands main recruitment territory for the past 25 years. We will continue to recruit from Europe; however, the available pool of people is smaller, and their opportunity is greater. 

Spain, Grease, Italy, and France have an average unemployment rate of 9.77% but neither country have a culture of travelling for work. 

This gives us clear direction for the future, continued support needs to be in place for the Agri and Agri Food industries through issuing Work Permits for employees from outside the EEA. 

Work Permits & Worldwide Locations

At the Protential Group we are continuously evolving, we have the experience and the spirit to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market, an ever-changing world. We now have recruitment bases, not only in Europe but all around the world. 

With the advent of Critical Skills and other Work Permit allocations Protential have been recruiting people from outside the EEA, on behalf of clients in Ireland and the UK, for the past six years.

In Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Mexico where there is extensive food production and food processing industries.

We are in Cebu, Philippines where we source highly trained and skilled Pig Farm Staff, Welders, and Food Processing Operatives. 

Based in Cape Town, South Africa we source Dairy Farm Managers and Assistants, HGV Drivers, Welders, Mechanical Fitters, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Construction and Engineering Professionals, HVAC, and Refrigeration Engineers.

East Timor where we recruit operatives to work in the Food Processing Industry.

In Europe we are based in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Poland.

Immigration Services

At Protential Immigration we specialise in Critical Skills, General Employment Permits & Immigration procedures. We also cater for, Dependent/Partner/Spouse, Intra – Company Transfer, Reunification Work Permits along with long term residency.

We provide practical assistance and support to Companies and Employers who wish to recruit & onboard foreign nationals and to Individuals who are seeking legal status in Ireland.

For Employers

Where you have international employees, and you are not familiar with Irish immigration procedures and processes, working closely with you, Protential Immigration ensure your employees arrive in Ireland for work with full compliance and documentation. We work with individual companies and multinationals in Ireland and the UK and advise them on their employees’ immigration procedures.

Our Services Include

  • General Employment Work Permits
  • Labour Market Needs Test                                    
  • Work Permit Applications
  • Entry Visa Application and Visa Extension
  • Intra- Company Transfer
  • Family Reunification
  • Dependant Partner/Spouse

For The Individual 

Whether you intend to travel to Ireland or if you are already in Ireland, Protential Immigration provide guidance and direction on:

  • Your “Right to Work” in Ireland and how you may qualify.
  • Your entitlement to a Work Permit.
  • What type of Work Permit you may qualify for.
  • Your Visa Requirements depending on your country of origin.
  • Your Immigration status 
  • Critical Skills Employment Permits
  • General Employment Permits
  • The Work Permit Application Process
  • Stamp 1G, 1G Extension, Stamp 4
  • Entry Visa applications and Visa Extensions
  • Family Reunification and Citizenship

If you intend to work in Ireland, you will need to know the pathway to securing work and the legal permissions to enable you to take up your job offer.

The Protential Way

At Protential, we are a trusted recruitment partner dedicated to connecting exceptional talent with meaningful opportunities. For over 25 years, we’ve worked closely with leading organisations to identify, attract, and develop the talent that transforms businesses.

Our passion is people. We take the time to understand each candidate as an individual – their unique strengths, career aspirations, and values. Leveraging our expertise and network, we match high calibre individuals with roles and companies where they can thrive.

We are partners invested in your success beyond just filling positions, we are craft long – term solutions that allow our clients to build high performing teams. Our recruiters become an extension of your organisation, providing strategic guidance and actionable insights.

We are driven by our integrity; Trust is at the heart of every partnership we build; we operate with transparency honesty and discretion – always keeping our client’s best interests in mind. We are focused on the future while grounded in over two decades of experience, we are constantly evolving our approaches and capabilities. We stay ahead of emerging hiring needs and use cutting-edge tools to deliver results.

At our core, we are motivated by unlocking human potential. When the right talent is in the right role, individuals flourish and businesses achieve their goals. We consider it a privilege to have a part in making these meaningful connections.

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