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Protential Mechanical & Electrical

The Mechanical & Electrical Sector

With over 25 years of experience, Protential Group has established itself as a trusted talent partner for Ireland’s vital mechanical and electrical industries.

We have partnered with the country’s most ambitious M&E firms to recruit skilled engineers, technicians, electricians, project managers, and tradespeople. Our network provides the specific talents and technical capabilities needed for complex installations, maintenance, and operations.

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Interdisciplinary Expertise

Understanding the intricacies of interdisciplinary M&E projects, our team takes a collaborative approach to gain insight into each client’s unique requirements. We leverage our global network to deliver candidates who check every box.

As mechanical and electrical systems become more advanced, having professionals who thrive in technical environments is essential. Protential Group aims to provide clients with the specialised workforce planning required to expand capacities and drive innovation.

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Ambitious Professionals

We take great pride in empowering Ireland’s M&E sector by bringing together ambitious firms and professionals to shape the future.

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