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Onboarding Package

Obtaining a Work Permit and applying for a Visa are the first steps in in the relocation process.

Once these are achieved, the actual moving needs to take place in an efficient and timely manner. You have a responsibility to your Employer and your Company. Mostly, you will strive to fulfil your commitments to yourself.

Protential Onboarding

Protential Immigration will provide you with the complete onboarding package from travel arrangements to Registration for an Irish Residency Permit assisting you with:

  • Travel from country of origin.
  • Meet and greet on arrival in Ireland.
  • Travel arrangements from airport.
  • Have accommodation available on arrival.
  • Irish SIM Card.
  • PPS Number application.
  • Allocation of Tax Credits.
  • Irish Bank Account set up.
  • Identify suitable Health Insurance.
  • Application for an Irish Residency Permit.

Onboarding packages will be tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Protential Client Sean Ahern